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About Us

Worldview Images has been offering quality, royalty-free stock images to designers, agencies and organizations for over 20 years. We are now celebrating our 17 year of service on the internet! We specialize in images of people living in developing nations around the world, and the amazing programs that are being implemented by NGO's that are bringing relief, as well as personal and community development.

Meet the Artist

Frank Spangler says, "I’ve been taking photos for about as long as I can remember, and shooting video for about 30 years. I am at my greatest peace, when I am out in a field, behind a camera, shooting. I like all kinds of subjects, but what I enjoy the most is travel, nature, scenics and people. I especially appreciate the opportunities that I have had to use my craft to illustrate some of the pressing issues of our world. There are about a billion people out there that are living in extreme poverty. Of this group, millions die every year, needlessly. An additional two billion people struggle to survive on about two dollars a day. This is how "the other half" lives. In many ways, because of their very position, they do not have a voice. It has been my privilege to partner with ADRA Canada, ADRA UK, and ADRA Norway, to help bring their stories to the world. As I visit the ghettos of the world's large cities, or travel out to the remote villages, I am always saddened by the extreme poverty, amazed at the resilience of the people, and inspired by the children, who smile and even sing, through their pain and hunger.

I am available for photographic and/or video assignments. If your organization serves humanity, I would be especially interested in exploring ways in which we might collaborate to help share your vision and mission with the world".

Education: Masters of Divinity with additional studies in International Development Experience: 30 years in video production, a lifetime in still photography.

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